4.4 tidyverse package

Notice at the beginning of the chapter we loaded the following four packages, which are among four of the most frequently used R packages for data science:

Recall that ggplot2 is for data visualization, dplyr is for data wrangling, readr is for importing spreadsheet data into R, and tidyr is for converting data to “tidy” format. There is a much quicker way to load these packages than by individually loading them: by installing and loading the tidyverse package. The tidyverse package acts as an “umbrella” package whereby installing/loading it will install/load multiple packages at once for you.

After installing the tidyverse package as you would a normal package as seen in Section 1.3, running:

would be the same as running:

The purrr, tibble, stringr, and forcats are left for a more advanced book; check out R for Data Science to learn about these packages.

For the remainder of this book, we’ll start every chapter by running library(tidyverse), instead of loading the various component packages individually. The tidyverse “umbrella” package gets its name from the fact that all the functions in all its packages are designed to have common inputs and outputs: data frames are in “tidy” format. This standardization of input and output data frames makes transitions between different functions in the different packages as seamless as possible. For more information, check out the webpage for the package.