The authors would like to thank Nina Sonneborn, Dr. Alison Hill, Kristin Bott, Dr. Jenny Smetzer, and the participants of our 2017 and 2019 USCOTS workshops for their feedback and suggestions. We’d also like to thank Dr. Andrew Heiss for contributing nearly all of Subsection 1.2.3 on “Errors, warnings, and messages,” Evgeni Chasnovski for creating the new geom_parallel_slopes() extension to the ggplot2 package for plotting parallel slopes models, and Smith College Statistical & Data Sciences students Starry Zhou and Marium Tapal for their many edits to the book. A special thanks goes to Dr. Yana Weinstein, cognitive psychological scientist and co-founder of The Learning Scientists, for her extensive feedback.

We were both honored to have Dr. Kelly S. McConville write the Foreword of the book. Dr. McConville is a pioneer in statistics education and was a source of great inspiration to both of us as we continued to update the book to get it to its current form. Thanks additionally to the continued contributions by members of the community to the book on GitHub and to the many individuals that have recommended this book to others. We are so very appreciative of all of you!

Lastly, a very special shout out to any student who has ever taken a class with us at either Pacific University, Reed College, Middlebury College, Amherst College, or Smith College. We couldn’t have made this book without you!