Concluding remarks

Now that you’ve made it to this point in the book, we suspect that you know a thing or two about how to work with data in R! You’ve also gained a lot of knowledge about how to use simulation-based techniques for statistical inference and how these techniques help build intuition about traditional theory-based inferential methods like the \(t\)-test.

The hope is that you’ve come to appreciate the power of data in all respects, such as data wrangling, tidying datasets, data visualization, data modeling, and statistical inference. In our opinion, while each of these is important, data visualization may be the most important tool for a citizen or professional data scientist to have in their toolbox. If you can create truly beautiful graphics that display information in ways that the reader can clearly understand, you have great power to tell your tale with data. Let’s hope that these skills help you tell great stories with data into the future. Thanks for coming along this journey as we dove into modern data analysis using R and the tidyverse!